First Openly Transgender Trial Judge Elected In California

Posted on: November 17th, 2010

With mostly negative stories in the news, here is a positive and inspirational story for all LGBTQ people out there. Victoria Kolakowski is the first transgender woman to be elected to be a trial judge in California. She did not hide who she was and achieved a great milestone in her career, for the transgender community, and the LGTBQ community overall. This has been one more step in a positive direction for all LGBTQ people.

This article was taken from the associated press.

The first openly transgender trial judge has been elected in California. Victoria Kolakowski is a 49-year-old patent lawyer who beat prosecutor John Creighton 51 to 48 percent – a margin of nearly 10,000 votes – in the Nov. 2 election to fill the vacancy in California’s Superior Court.

Because of outstanding absentee and provisional ballots the race too close to call until Monday. However, Kolakowski had been leading since election night.

It was confirmed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund that Kolakowski was the first openly transgender trial judge.

Kolakowski, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1981, spent the past three years as an administrative law judge settling energy contract and environmental compliance disputes for the California Public Utilities Commission.