LGBT Ally Corner

Posted on: May 20th, 2011

Tips for when Someone Comes Out to You:

– It takes a lot of courage for someone to come out to you. Listen to all they have to say without interrupting.

– Tell them how pleased you are that they trusted you enough to share something so personal and congratulate them on the bravery it took to be so honest.

– Let them know that you feel the same way about them as you always and that nothing has changed.

– Ask questions to show that you are interested in learning about their feelings.

-Remember that you cannot and should not try to change them. You have the opportunity to support them, not reform them.

-Ask what you can do to support them or what they need from you.

-Follow up. The coming out conversation should be the first of many. Continue to check in and ask questions.

-Be open to socializing with their new friends, both in LGBT and straight settings.

-Be an advocate. Read up on LGBT issues and fight homophobia.