Chaz Bono joins Dancing With the Stars, chaos ensues

Posted on: September 2nd, 2011

With many advances being made in the fight for LGBTQ equality, it only takes one newsworthy item to remind us of how far we have to go.  This week, ABC’s hit show Dancing With the Stars announced the new lineup of contestants who will compete in hopes of tango-ing their way to the top. Among the contenders is Chaz Bono, son (and former daughter) of 70’s super couple Sonny and Cher. Though Chaz’ participation in the show could potentially bring positive public awareness about what it’s like to be transgendered in today’s world, it seems that his chances of succeeding in the competition unfortunately rely on one little thing—acceptance.

Within hours of the contestant announcement from ABC, thousands of commenters took to the internet to share their thoughts. While there are many supporters of Chaz dancing on the show—including his mother, Cher herself—there are many more who think that his inclusion is completely inappropriate for what is known to be a family-friendly show. Comments ranged from “what will I tell my son when he asks why he used to be a she?” to “my family will not be able to watch the show if Chaz is participating.”

While the road ahead will not be an easy one for Chaz, we hope he fights the good fight and brings awareness to the LGBTQ community.