Diva’s Shed Light on LGBT Community

Posted on: November 4th, 2011

Who’s ready to release their inner diva? This year’s Diva Invasion is back and more glamorous than ever! “Sex, Drag, & Rock-n-Roll” takes place today, Friday November 4th at the UCF Venue Arena at 7 p.m. Take part in Central Florida’s largest LGBT community event! Don’t miss your chance to see provocative color schemes, stunning set designs and captivating performances. Diva Invasion is hosted by Equal at UCF, their mission is to bring awareness, tolerance, and acceptance on issues within the LGBT community through the popular art of female and male impersonation.

See what you’ve been missing: http://bit.ly/v84XtC

Visit Diva Invasion’s website for more details: http://www.divainvasion2011.com/#!