Volunteer Spotlight: Britt Blakely Ohana

Posted on: August 5th, 2012

Meet Zebra Coalition®volunteer, Britt Blakely Ohana.

Zebra Coalition® volunteer, Britt Blakely Ohana

Zebra Coalition® volunteer, Britt Blakely Ohana

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Britt spent the last decade as a teacher but left her position to focus on anti-bullying programming and training. We first met Britt at one of our volunteer information sessions. Eager to assist our cause, Britt was already volunteering for our organization the next day and even brought her wife and 11-year-old son to help.

Britt says, “This is the first organization of its kind in the area, and it is so closely aligned with my ideals and vision for the future of our kids. Since we (the LGBTQ population) are the only ‘minority’ that does not raise its own, the Zebra Coalition® fills that need with responsible, loving mentors and role models. It’s a joy to work with Dexter and the Zebra Coalition®, and I encourage people to volunteer.”

We are so grateful for Britt’s commitment to the youth in our community as well the many other individuals who give their time and skills to our organization.

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