Zebra Coalition®: Your Place for LGBT+ Youth Groups

Posted on: January 29th, 2013

Check out all of the groups starting at Zebra Coalition® House:

TUESDAY’s at 6:15pm beginning February 5

Orlando Youth Alliance (OYA) is a peer based organization which provides a safe space for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (GLBTQ) youth to gather, talk about issues and concerns that are important in their lives, as well as meet other gay youth. Though there is adult leadership, the group revolves around YOU! YOUR issues and YOUR agendas – not those of the facilitators. Group meets every Tuesday at 6:15pm beginning February 5. Click here to learn more about OYA. (ages 13-24)

WEDNESDAY’s at 6:30pm beginning February 13

tranZlucence  – group is a safe and supportive place for youth identifying as transgendered to explore their unique needs and methods of accessing community resources. Using the interpersonal setting of the group, youth examine relationships, coming out, self-sufficiency, transitioning, personal safety, life skills, identity development, personal identity, social roles, and other topics of interest. Youth can expect a transformative experience resulting in personal growth, self-identification, and individual fulfillment. Group meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm beginning February 6. (ages 13-17)

 THURSDAY’s at 6:30pm beginning February 7

tranZmit – an 8 week communication skills group to help you succeed in school, communities and your personal life. Explore the elements of communication, identify personal areas of strengths and explore various types of communication skills. This group meets every Thursday at 6:30pm for 8 weeks beginning February 7. Youth must contact us ahead of time to sign-up for this series at info@zebrayouth.org. (ages 18-24)

Join us at Zebra Coalition® House at 911 N Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803 for all groups.