Education Fund Launched For LGBTQ Students

Posted on: March 3rd, 2015

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) students often have compelling and inspiring stories of overcoming incredible obstacles and hardships in pursuit of their goals for education. Many have experienced rejection by their families including being cut off from all financial support, and some even forced to leave home.

Last week Zebra Coalition launched the new Jefferson R. Voss Education Fund to support LGBTQ students in the Central Florida area to achieve their full academic and leadership potential. By identifying and supporting LGBTQ scholars, we hope to break down barriers to education experienced by many LGBTQ students.


Applications Are Open

Students interested in funding for GED programming & testing, Career & Technical School, Community College, and scholarships to the University of Central Florida can visit our website for details.


Support Scholars

Help us provide LGBTQ students with the financial ability to pursue their education and make a significant impact on society. Designate your one-time or monthly donation to the Jefferson R. Voss Education Fund today!


Thanks to the hard work and contributions of our Education Fund Committee, Zebra Coalition member organizations, donors, volunteers, board members, staff and community partners who came together to launch this important new resource for LGBTQ students.

I look forward to reporting back soon about how this new fund is impacting students in our Central Florida community. In the end, impact is why we’re here.



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Dexter Foxworth

Director, Zebra Coalition