Zebra Coalition Celebrates Volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week

Posted on: April 17th, 2015

National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 12 to 18, honors the many volunteers across the country. Every day, volunteers give of themselves to better their communities and the organizations that rely on them. National Volunteer Appreciation Week is a time for all of us to pause and celebrate the energy and commitment of all volunteers.

Volunteering is the heart of our communities. It provides us with a sense of connectedness and well-being. It allows us to bring people together while developing within us an understanding of others who are different. It allows us to give of ourselves and share our gifts while finding solutions for shared challenges. Volunteering helps us build better, stronger, and healthier communities.

The volunteers at Zebra Coalition cook, mentor, and assist with administrative work. They donate, chair a committee, and lend helping hands. They are board, coalition, and committee members. They feed, plan, deliver, coordinate, paint, clean, sort and prepare. They are the young and the mature and the in-between, and they are reliable and crucial to our mission.

Volunteer, Volunteer Appreciation Week, Zebra Coalition

Rob Ackerman, 2015 Zebra Coalition Volunteer of the Year

“Zebra Coalition volunteers show their passion and commitment by giving their time to provide safe, supportive and healthy programming and services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth (LGBT+) in Central Florida,” said Dexter Foxworth, Director. “National Volunteer Appreciation Week is the perfect time to demonstrate to our Central Florida community that by working together, our volunteers and staff have the capacity to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals.”

Yesterday, Zebra Coalition honored its volunteers at their annual Volunteer Appreciation Night where they were treated to dinner, activities, and awards.

Rob Ackerman was awarded the 2015 “Volunteer of the Year” for his long-term commitment serving as a volunteer.

Rob shared that “volunteering for Zebra Coalition is very special to me. Helping youth has a very special place in my heart.”

This year Zebra Coalition also honored the following “Outstanding Volunteers” for 2015,

  • Andrew Baisden, Outstanding Residential Team Volunteer
  • Karen Blunk, Outstanding Facilitator
  • Gianna Bush, Outstanding Youth Volunteer
  • Karen Castelloes, Outstanding Committee Member
  • Jamey Harper, Outstanding Outreach Volunteer
  • Keith Morrison, Outstanding Committee Member
  • The Nash Family, Outstanding Volunteer Family
  • Sebastian Sanchez, Outstanding Front Desk Volunteer
  • Iris Soto, Outstanding Facilitator
  • Patrick Tubbs, Outstanding Youth Center Volunteer
  • E.J. Easterbrook, Outstanding Outreach Volunteer
  • The Mission Continues, Outstanding Volunteer Group
  • Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Outstanding Business Volunteer

“Our volunteers help us on so many levels and our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night is our way of honoring their service and commitment to Zebra Coalition, our mission, and the community,” said Jennifer Barham, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.

Volunteer, Volunteer Appreciation Week, Zebra Coalition

2015 Outstanding Zebra Coalition Volunteers

Zebra Coalition salutes our many volunteers and all who give. The strength of our organization is deeply rooted in volunteerism and we are grateful to all of our volunteers for their support.

This National Volunteer Appreciation Week, reach out and thank someone you know who volunteers, or become a volunteer yourself. Volunteering is truly a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities at Zebra Coalition by clicking here.