Meet the Board

Zebra Coalition, Inc.

The Zebra Coalition, Inc.® is a federally tax qualified “501 (c) (3)” nonprofit organization. It is a public charity that derives its support from diverse sources, including other foundations, businesses, individuals and grants from government agencies.

Donations to Zebra Coalition help create and sustain programs that directly support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth (LGBTQ+) community, primarily through Zebra Coalition®.

Zebra Coalition, Inc® Board of Directors:

President — Jill Ramsier
Quantum Leap Winery

Vice President — Bryce West
Bryce West Foundation

Secretary/Treasurer — Chris McCullion
City of Orlando

Secretary/Treasurer — Chris McCullion
City of Orlando


Paul Bryan
Resilient Philanthropy

Andrew Snyder
Orlando Health

Joyce Arbucias
Imagination House

Jefferson Voss

Diana LaRue
Appleton Creative

Tatiana Quiroga
Family Equality Council

Joshua Vickery
Central Florida Community Arts

Jennifer Foster
Foster Productions Inc.

Adriana Cadilla, MD
Nemours Children’s Hospital

Skip Kirst
Collado Real Estate

Lisa Culham
Universal Orlando